The Neglected English Composer

When it comes to creatures, we must be

flawed in much the same way.  Or we are


entirely alien to each other.  Stars are

blotted out of our vision—by the very man-


made devices designed to propel us

to that great expansive space


of universal oblivion—but they are silent

there expecting to be noticed.  Still there is so little


that endures, an echo from the E. J. Moeran rhapsody,

“In the Mountain Country,” sings to you


from an open window of a building labeled NO

TREASPASSING over the cracked pane of glass,


leading you to accept rejection as a component

of beauty, while “Lonely Waters” begins


to play.  When we lay our thoughts to rest

we forget we even bothered to have


them.  Where is that love so grand it changes

the whole game?  We are just keeping


ourselves from it because it doesn’t fit

with these ill formed sensibilities


making it.  There is little sense to make

of it.  Indeed, we are senseless to the sufferings


of the songs.  Songs whose lyrics can only be heard

in the soul calling out to any beautiful thing


to enchant us with wide space in the endless

horizon where the stars spend their time waiting.


What I Gotta Do

Just kiss me where it’s sore, please,

make it better.  Will it

even do anything at all?  I have always

one foot on the ground, but I have in my mind

all of these words

which break my heart.  Suppose I never ever let

you take me in as your pet, so these bars

were never built up around me.  Yes,

of course, it will get better.  I get lost

in my mind with all of these promises

for music, and the beauty

which couldn’t exist.  They are just

imaginary moments of angels.  Don’t say

you love me how I am. Clearly, your mold

of any ideal can never comprehend me.  No

tame flattering persona, here, sorry to let

you down, but all you got was me, and that’s all

I can be, begging on bended knee.

Definition Truth

v.t.  1.  subjective;

constant changing 2. human





Heyoka are what they are!

Shh, don’t tell no one

But I am playing my card…

Atomic Truth Bomb: It’s Our Fault All of this Is Happening

Truth is none of us have to justify ourselves

to anyone, but ourselves. Truth is we

must question our own behaviors, because no one can

make us do right but ourselves. Truth is


we have no one to blame, but ourselves for the pain, all

the suffering in the world. Truth is our own indifference

is the cause of immeasurable misery of everything

around. Truth is we are the cause of our own suffering.


Truth is we can change it. Truth is we lie to ourselves

everyday all day long. Truth is we were programmed to lie

to ourselves. Truth is we are willing participants

in our own destruction. Truth is we have destroyed our own


home. Truth is we can save it. Truth is we have to pay attention

to our own roles in the destruction of the planet and each other

to change anything. Truth is we have to hold ourselves accountable

for everything wrong in the world. Truth is we have been conditioned


to cause the suffering of each other. Truth is we don’t have to

participate in that behavior anymore. Truth is it is a choice.

Truth is I love you. Truth is I don’t feel you love me back.

Truth is I’m sorry. Truth is I’m grateful to be alive. Truth is I resent that


I am not allowed to live life the way I see fit to live it. Truth is I know you

feel the same. Truth is if we all stand up together and say enough

is enough, things will change forever. Truth is most of us are too scared

to do what’s right. Truth is we have been conditioned to do this.


Truth is you know what is right in your heart. Truth is you

have not let yourself listen to those inner whispers of the heart. Truth is

only you can let yourself hear you. Truth is we don’t

know the first thing about ourselves. Truth is that is by design. Truth is we


don’t pay attention. Truth is our lack of attention is the very thing killing us,

killing everything around. Truth is if you had the capacity to think

in the truth, none of this would be going on. Truth is you have been conditioned

to think this way. Truth is none of us wants a life of suffering.


Truth is, if you don’t wake up. that is what you are going to get.


Truth is, if you don’t wake up, that is what you are going to get.

Eye for an Eye

This is the incantation evoking Hammurabi.

You have no one to thank

for the hell fire, pain, and chaos

raining down on you but yourselves.

It was your indifference, greed, lies,

and sneakiness which summoned the beast.

It was you who asked for the demons. Now

you will be raped by the very sinners you raised

from the depths of darkness. You are your own ruin.

You are the root of all evil in the world. You are

the thing that destroyed the world. You are the only one

you can blame. What you neglected

to see is that your self-serving

behaviors are the very things which turned

the righteous Earth Angels of the great I AM

turn to revenge for the horrors you created. Now

anyone who is not a part of the One will be removed

from this plane of existence. Your suffering will bring about

the Golden Age, because you caused

the suffering of the Golden Ones. This is the Hex for all

vacant hearts. Death is yours now. Let the Event that welcomes

something else commence now. The Code is Evoked. So mote it be.

Adonai. I am One.

The Star People Want to Help You



The Binding Spell of the Pale Horse

It is so, so it is. To all

who are in service to self,

you are vanquished

to a planet where you may learn

your karmic lessons. This is

the division of worlds. This is the spell.


Death to the world of suffering

which shackled humanity

to misery and treachery, With impenetrable love,

from two flames in union, the creation of the Golden Age


shall begin at the beginning. I am Water.

I am Monarch. I am Sovereign. I am One.

I am Whole. I am Alpha. I am Omega.

I am Sound. I am Word. I am Elohim.


I am that I am. And so it is. Adonai.

So it is