Why Lovely is a Bad Word


You are not like

the stories in their heads.

Mothered by

a prostitute nun, you are here

to prop up for loving pills.

The ones that make her

nice–so very nice–and

non-responsive.  When some noticed,

you were already a victim, but you will not

play the part.  They know what

they did.  Choose not to think about it. You

were sent to the reformatory. Now

you are a woman.  They say

you’re lovely.  Having seen some

terrible shit.

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Reading the Space of Breathing


Here the lines lay claim as the choreographed
touching of each other. Phonetics of movement

sounding in chest cavities, while no one is in the room
with your tender myths of flesh: the existence

of poetry. A creature prone to indiscretions
is the Possessed by Poesies. In the convergent and divergent

landscape of context, a life trembles there waiting
as the space of sub-context.

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It Is Dark so I Made Me a Torch


for Yuyu

The Nepalese man told me kindly

to burn down my house, with an open


invitation to write poetry

in the Himalayas.  We could watch flowers grow

out to ice capped mountains in the sparkling

brilliance of  sunrise.  I giggled in a whisper,


It started smoldering

last night.  It smelled of sage and Nag Champa.


The air tasted of truffles.

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Scaled: Truth is a Bitch


At her very core, a nurturer
starving from various
forms of malnourishment: cuerpo y alma.
                                            Grace and very fine

movements define the chiseled sculpture of that
woman’s body at the mercy of the Man. She is

the mother of air, the beauty,
poetry. A fitting Queen for dogs.

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Matilda’s Fea…


Matilda’s Fear of Men


After a long night’s work, Matilda never
really could speak to much more

than the occasional momentary
angel smelling of whiskey and smoke. She had

a thing for danger. Moreover, she had a thing
for Russian sailors—one of them painted her

head to toe with various tattoo snakes scaling
roses, and a single fluke

anchor engraved with the words Carpe Diem
to remind her not to forget to seize the moment

which turns her eyes all on poetry.


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Something About Her


She steals

thoughts and makes them

her own. That new thing you

want, she can turn into

excess.  Without saying

a word, she can transform

even sustenance into an ostentatious

statement, then your finances become

ridiculous.  All that, while you bombastically

realize that some people are always

living a desperate rhetoric.

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City Named for Her Fresh Gem Water


Hear what the Water

Keepers say. To survive,

the water

must be protected.

The Great Lakes

provide 21% of the world’s

surface fresh water. You can just look

at the cities surrounding them

to see how sick the water is.  From Flint

to the shallow Lake Erie’s branching, and her

iris burning sunset, the Lake Effect is deadly.

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