Academic/ Anti-Academic Argument

Jettisoned by our misunderstanding of each other’s
belief in what Poet actually means, personally. I know

the Poets and Prophets are one in the same, and Prophet is

Reluctant Martyr, all Poet’s are,

at some degree, the same thing. Prophets are indeed
insane by cultural standards and operate on an entirely different

frequency than everyone else for
a reason. And Poet means

something entirely different to you.



Seeing You Think and Dropping a Tear

for MRE


Our misjudged assumptions
can make us depraved. The unrecognized

understanding from an un expected source
can remain unnoticed because of the defining

nature of expectations. The language we use
every day is threatening to the lives we can conceive

by the things we simply don’t say. Things like, “I can see
your eyes are worlds away. That’s something my eyes get.”


That’s how the worth of my days
and years, and hours, long

hours, all of those very slow
minutes, and every last wasted

second are determined. Working
on the clock to labor my wage. Every

beautiful thing is so disdainful. I am

blessed to have a job. At first
it loves you, then it burns. You must

continue seeking and seeking and
seeking, OH GOD

THING? That thing they say
gives you importance. The one. Your soul. That

everlasting need of losing
yourself of so many, many

moments making your breath catching

with no damned
exertion at all. Effortlessness is totally

unobtainable. Being a number, 1 is denied being
a person by a Corporate Personhood

with a math of imaginary
numbers and so many meaningless victims.

Train of Animals

Shrill sounds of one hundred some
elated children assaults the ears
with the screaming
whistle of the Zoo train. It creaks
creeping on the tracks. En route
over the ruins of Erie’s Millcreek, one can see
the backhoe marring of the earth, all the assorted
human waste on one side, while the other is
a landscaped replica of a habitat mountain goats
might want to reside in the real life
wild—only if there
were more room away from
jeering humans—this is
an illusion of ropes and chain-
link. It excites the children
to almost touch nature, unfortunately
the grown-ups always leave
their marks with bars and rules.