It Happened Right in Front of Everyone

My grandfather was a war hero, at least I was told

he was. He was a Marine, I know that is true.

The man I knew was a drunk

who laid on the couch in his underwear. He called me

his “Snuggle Bunny.” He encouraged me

to keep…

my feet special warm on his penis under his underwear,

under the afghan,

on the couch,

in front of everyone,

all while the family watched

Kung Fu and Bonanza reruns with us. His oldest son went to prison

having been a real life Pennywise

who had a sailboat to touch children

on. My uncle learned how to face the truth of being

fucked by grownups,

my grandfather never admitted

what he’d done. He called so many people Snuggle Bunny

What does that make me?