Thanksgiving Elegy

We exist in a culture that

is all about showing you


everything you can’t

have, can never


afford.  Luxury of comfort

is systematically withheld


from you by those who have

too much to understand a thing

about reality.  Too much


value has been placed on the things

we elect to represent our ideas


of beauty, justice, comfortable

peace of denial.  So we forget that


we all, like roses (as indifferent as

ever), are most beautiful

while preparing to die.  This moment

arrives, joyfully find the warmth of skin


so you can forget about all

~~~     ~          ~that shit you just bought.


So It Seems

The mind forgets itself,

so big strange thoughts move in


and out.  You tell your wife you don’t

believe she ever wanted to be your wife.


Maybe, she just never wanted

to be a wife.  She just wanted


you.  Over the years, it seems you no longer

wanted her, but still loved a wife.  Neither of you


reach out to the body right next to you.  Affection is

a complicated animal making it all a broken


state of affairs.  You never became what you wanted

to become.  She forgot that  she kept forgetting


who she was for so long, and once she remembered

you already didn’t like her.