Open Letter to My Evil Stepmother-Gloria Morell,

I have no clue what is wrong with a woman who is jealous of a man’s daughter’s, but you are a rare flesh in your bald shallow self. You have shown me nothing much more than FUCKING UGLY. I will rise tomorrow just to pray Ja finds your black soul. Don’t give me a reason to unleash my “Evil Stepmother” poems on the world, because your name will only be remembered as the evil bitch who created the wall between me and someone to fucking protect me. I am a world respected POET. Who do you think wrote ALL OF THE RELIGIOUS TEXTS? Hint: all religious books are written by POETS. I fucking Judge you, because, as a mother- I can turn no child away from my heart, and I fucking help burn counties to the ground for it. To fight for the innocent is the only worthy fight, but your vanity and ego are your worst enemy, bitch. I posted this all over the Internet, so your nieces, nephews, and most of all your son and daughter can see the pain you inflicted. You were the reason I went fatherless. Yes, my father obliged your wicked intentions, but my poor father was broken by war and countries haunting him. Vietnam haunts that man, much like South Africa haunts me. I judge you, with all of my suffering of being a fatherless child: molested and abused over and over and over. YOU EVEN KNEW! A little girl raped by a shameful count. I trusted the grownups. Fuck you, Gloria Morell. Redeem yourself, or face the wrath of God the Almighty. Ain’t my fault you pray to the wrong one. REDEEM YOURSELF! #OccupiedEverything


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