Caged in the Deadeye Culture

How am I to act when I choose

to not participate in the horrors

culture produces around

me?  Wars on everything promise


to kill the very Bay of Misery that knows all

my secrets. Where can I face the current

and not find myself


poisoned by toxic algae blooms? Away from

the hazy horizon to the faces I see always fixed

gaze on their flat appearances

created by a façade of platitudes for banal


social engagement that has driven people to death

from the buzzing in their pocket, while the car slides

into the wrong lane for a wrong number…looking for


the lol while 911 is called.  I’ve been found

in the trap of the screen myself.  I do hate it,

despite my best efforts to never hate

a thing. The trouble is distraction.  I get distracted


by the waves of emotion which grip my tiny frame

tossing me around in storms and fits of why


does it have to be this way? People don’t understand how

simple it is to change. It’s true, I’ve let fear take hold


at times, but when it’s fight or flight for my life, you better

believe it is terrifying, but I will stand. To always



walk the decaying

streets, with all the pot

holes, the missing

pavement, kicking

a half crushed Monster

can to the rhythm of chaos

past the crumpled up


tin foil, orange plastic caps, muddy

syringes, all the bent spoons: I know too

well what fresh hell is.



  1. Much in this world can produce fear and anxiety…but each of us must continue to address the issues hidden by government officials.

  2. Reblogged this on disdainfulbeauty.

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