Radiation of Sound

This word Radiant keeps being

repeated. I doubt


the adjective.  Language is not

science.  At this moment, words fail


to accurately modify the Object

grammatically, except in Science.  Of my


energy, as Radiant as you say it is, it claims

to be nothing more than exhausted.  Depleted.


Drained of every discreet

packet of photons.  The electromagnetic


waves are gravity keeping me on my knees

as to pray.  I do pray.  Not to any Idol or God,


but just so I can hear the sound of the Words radiate

from my bruised knees to the top of my skull (with all


its pits and divots from banging my head). Just words,

words, words will every inhalation and expel of oxygen molecules.


1 Comment

  1. Another “wow” poem…packed with emotions.

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