Original Mode of Staging

I know the stage.  I know

the verses.  I know


he was wrong.  Maybe, I am

like that woman whose last


name is forbidden to be spoken

in the Theatre?  Tragic flaws are usually


attributed to the male characters, even if they are

supposed to be women.  The men, including the old


Bard, have always made of me whore without

ever given the chance to be the Virgin.  Women


were never even given a chance to ask questions

as Hamlet did.  Oh yes, you can say things


have changed and woman don the stage from one

Meridian to another, but I can tell you for certain


that is all just an illusion of the stage.  I am only worth

what’s in my pocket, and I don’t have any.


1 Comment

  1. Indeed…I would agree that little has changed in this world…a brief scan of history reveals that so easily.

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