Will Remain Untitled

The world I am barely alive in

makes of me the reluctant martyr,


or maybe it makes me like Sisyphus

with blunders and deceits


only damaging to myself, so I can only brace

myself for the rock to hit, or maybe,


the rocks are in my pockets

when I take the longest walk i-


n Misery Bay.  I make a life stealing

what I can.  Early, I learned if I don’t become


a skilled thief I’m as good as

dead.  At this crossroads, what is life


anyway but banal platitudes we all harbor

a secret hatred for but participate in


anyway, because like herded goats,

we don’t know anything


else?  Move with the herd, or die

under hoof and foot.  Even


though, I am not done with this

life of trauma and suffering I have


been given, I cannot join the helpless

herd being corralled mindlessly


in this direction and that.  I won’t play

the martyr. I have to ask

these questions of myself


to myself, is it even possible

to leave the pestilence behind


us, and just admit we don’t know shit?



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