The First Murder Was Mine

There were more children dying

in the streets by the hand of classmates


than of natural causes this year

in my village off Misery Bay.  It was


different for my generation simply called

X. The first murder my eyes witnessed


was of myself.  We were called latch-key

kids.  Latches could never lock the scary away from


these kids, because we were so sure we weren’t

scared we invited the slashers to be our babysitters


through the boob tube.  Kids who were always

afraid of sounds in the dark


because the zombies had just tasted the mindless

right in front of us while we stared


stilled in our spots by fear of death.  This generation

now, has no fear of death because so many of them live


in hell. Death might just be better

~~~~~~~~~~than the horrors our community gives

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~to so many of them.


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