In a Puddle of Valvoline, She Eats an Apple

He may be soiled in grease

from complicated mechanics

and short

of perfection, but he’s so real

that Chica can’t help but to

notice. Her lips slide over the skin

sinking her teeth in the crisp cracking of a giant

pink and yellow apple, a Pink Lady.  His thoughts

grope her scent in Español. He can’t look

her in the eyes too long because (despite how manly

the auto-mechanics field is) all the dudes

have a flare for drama and some can nose around

squawking about nothing that’s their business.  No

one need notice how he looks

at Chica, but her.  The garage is a place

where a beautiful thing is only touched

from time to time

then it rolls out.  Chica spits a seed across

the concrete as she sees

him watching her.  The seed slips into a crack

in the floor where it could sprout

if it weren’t doused in toxic waste.



  1. The sensual nature of the poem is quite interesting given the physical environment of the verse.

  2. Fine imagery; fine tone.

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