Dancing in Various Shades of Shadow

Darkness makes being seen

impossible.  Silhouettes can be

ominous hiding the branding under her

breast, the mark that she was taken

as a possession.  The scar of things

no one should ever want

to remember is a past poltergeist,

in spite of how no one can see

it, it is always there.  The transverse,

electromagnetic wave seen by the naked eye

simply skips over that figure

female framed crookedly in the threshold

of a door.  She is the absence of light.

Some have said she is incandescent.  Really

all there is are various levels lacking

light.  Those who speak of her luminance are

sometimes mountains shading the dark dancing

figure from the harsh reality of burning

blaze —a permanence of earth for strong

footing—others are neutral, nearly massless

particles that hardly ever interact with the ordinary

matter of a branded woman.  Neutrinos traveling

faster than light function as love.  They come

in several kinds, called flavors, strangely

able to change from one flavor to another—form

never constant. It’s possible

that their faster-than-light abilities are what make

the woman’s dancing in the dark

seem to be a radiant loving dance to that sad ditty

you don’t want to remember.  That tearing

emptiness through a heart so drained

it’s dim, dried: the remnants of a dead

muscle.  Emptiness in the gut

proves there is no food more nourishing

than that for thought.  She wonders if only

mountains can understand the branding on her

flesh because the erosion is so similar

to the scraping away of flesh.


1 Comment

  1. History can leave scars that none can see…a most interesting read.

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