Tragedy and Silence Share an Address/ False Prophets Be Damned

The solipsist offers nothing

more than erudite insight of his own

failings, all of which he creates

the fiction of fancy beyond

himself.  We all know him

to be fallacious.  Every religion

warns of the false prophet.  Call him

the Laureate of Narcissism.  The insidious

nature of man and all his addictions

to himself come rallying forth in a grotesque

display of playing pretend.  Feigning to be a feeling

person concerned with the welfare of that

which lies beyond his skin. He is a fake.  Those

who follow the charmer make of themselves not even

snakes, but wriggling worms to be bated then drowned

with a sinker in his shallow reflecting pond.



  1. Amazing how many people who are willing to dance to the snake charmers.

  2. Reblogged this on disdainfulbeauty.

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