Shadow Dancer is Sometimes Called Mademoiselle Marionette

What do these gestures mean?  It’s a loving hand

which manipulates these strings which signify


the puppet’s gestures.  If they are meaningless


the thought of a heart displaying what pumps

it being burdensome is too

much to bear, but if the actions were untimely


it was pure accident.  You see, I have no clue

what goes on outside my own skin, I can only imagine


how light illuminates different meaning in the intention

of movement, says Mademoiselle.  Can the divinity of love be


turned off when the Marionette is clearly tugged in gestures

trying to resemble the coursing of blood,


the expression of thought, but love is

illusion sometimes.  Puppets can be


put out of the mind so easily.  The unseen Puppetmaster can’t see

what the movements look like, Mademoiselle Marionette is


operated by the intuitive  pull of strings: the lines guiding

emotively.  To think that gestures of love are annoyances


is something to grieve, so the puppet’s head hangs its hair

shaking in shame, cornflower locks sway from one side to another


over a fabric hand sheltering the face

from such a harsh thing.  Feeling the strings gesticulating


frustration too long it’s time

to choose a different sequence of movement.  Acts of love


shouldn’t be an unwelcome, worrisome thing.



  1. Much to consider in this poem…a good one to start the year…best wishes for the new year.

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    You gotta love Tracie Morell’s poetry.

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