Soliloquy for One

When one has to avoid

negativity to just exist isolated

from the entire world around,


is that living?  Struggles are for

the living.  To live is to blaze

with energy.  The Buddha told us


that life is suffering, but a productive

discourse about your struggles can help

you find every positive.  Sometimes, that


dialogue is just with myself, so maybe I can

articulate to you more accurately.  To find the words

to tell you—because of my burning


fear of warbling wrong— I open the hips and release

arms wide open to the great expanse of sky to let all

the anxiety out of my love, my love for you.  And I’m free


from all fury from within, I postulate my own

posture.  I don’t want to be remembered as a shadow

in a drawer that no one looks in, so I make my words


breathe clearly.  The flame flickers to focus for a different

final thought.  My name, my sign, my symbol: Shadow

Dancer, Schattentänzer comes to define


delightful.  The snaps of the coals awaken a seer’s soul.


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