“The Moon is Quiet and Holy,” Says the Shadow Dancer

Love resists metaphor because it is too

powerful to be so easily contained—let alone

understood.  My touch

makes your body revolt when I’m not

touching it.  You’re sick for days

from the guilt of touching me

like I am something to feel guilty for

wanting, a disgusting shame like original

sin.  What does that make me? I become

an image on a screen, some text you find

yourself reading on some manmade

device making my flesh and bone

purely superficial.  It makes me

not real any longer.



  1. the moon…its just a wonderful object to work with. i get this one girl. it can be like that for a guy when one doesn’t know how to go to get a lady. but i know how to go about it now. the word works wonders for me. i showed a piece to a nice lookin waitress. i’ve got her attn. spontaneous conversation doesn’t work for me. introverts just need tools to get somewhere. I do see it from your angle too. I’ve been absent from the hall for a reason. i’m hoping it won’t be for too much longer.

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