Spotlight on Schattentänzer

To operate without touch is walking

through life as a rose pressed long dead

between the pages of Canto XVII in the Divine


Comedy, Schattentänzer says obliquely.  Now,

serious as a heart attack, she directs, If you don’t know

what that means, then you better figure


that shit out, cause it could shave years

off your life.  It cannot be avoided  It’s always

lonely wherever you are,


you just have to understand your

loneliness.  A hole in the ground,


a hawk overhead, or the croaking of some frog

that guides you to knowing the moment you’re face to

face with, it’s the story they will tell of a life


worth living.  Come running, swooning as great angels

would with all their terrible tendencies, cause if nothing

touches you, your myth will surely be a tragic story.  That hole


in the dirt. Morosely she touches her hair so the glow of her

homochromatic eyes seem to speak

for her, I no longer want to dance in


shadows: a cat-burglar leaving the security system


video feed on, so they can witness her descent from the sky

to steal the beautiful object below that puzzle of red

lasers.  I can’t change my name but I can change


its meaning.  A flightless bird dancing among the corner

shadows making the dance seem like it defies the ground

all while I embrace myself to slip past any tripping.


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