Schattentänzer the Contortionist (A work in progress)

She wonders how easy it is to put her

out of the mind.  Is she forced out

as necessity?  God made her eyes

for crying at birth, but she invokes

a supplication of salt water wound

evaporation so she can sustain her unabated

footing in the eternally eroding ground.  Much

too aware of mankind doing all this unravelling,

she breathes it down to the root of her

being.  Thinks: They’ve all forgotten what it’s like

to go round and round, round and round

forgetting it’s thought that counts, too dizzy

from their spinning. Says a prayer: Please remember me

gracefully, the shadow dancer leaping line to line

defying laws and gravity.  The nature way up there

with angelic treachery she is always seen. An object of desire

she discharges despair embracing air.  Releasing all the nasty

anxious stiffness in her hips, remember this, the contortionist

who had to go face to face with her fear of harrowing

heights taking flight with lines of silk

reclaiming life.  While in the skin she’s in, she makes

a humble gesture, bows face down to consecrate

her longing to belong to the land to become the sand.


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  1. Interesting verse to think about…hope all is well there.

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