We Regret to Inform You, Bitch

Your Services are no longer needed in the Garage.


Chica has her vagina to thank about that

Corporate Restructuring that happened right


when she ran out of toothpaste.  They couldn’t believe that


I can play man just the same as them, better even.  The phallic

must always retain power


if it is to be the base of everything.  Chica’s name is


Jocasta.  The men who were in charge of the Economic Survival

Restructuring Program—for the newly


acquired CEO— found that they were indeed mother fuckers,


cause Jocasa and her boys all just got screwed.  All these men

never bothered to learn the tragic story of their own mother’s.


1 Comment

  1. Corporate Restructuring always seems to mean make fewer people do more in order to increase profits for those at the top.

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