Life’s too Short for Passion Flowers

A single day—possibly

this one—is all

they ever have.  That is

why they radiate

still serenity.  They have

been known to steep as a slow

hot infusion: the soothing

affects of alleviating tea.  The sweet

swirling under the tongue

is tranquility.  The most decorative of blooms

knows the best medicine comes rooted

in the earth, rooted in the clues of days

before this one point to.  A flower whose beauty lasts

for a single day tells its admirers just go

where the decades of misguided days have lead you,

to that great expanse of moment by moment

living more fully, more open

than you ever have before.


1 Comment

  1. Made me think that all things in life have a ‘cost’…the question is always are we willing to pay the price…just a random thought engendered by your poem.

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