Skies Walking Away in the Shadows of Mirrors

Such a strange creature, she meets

her eyes in the mirror

as she thinks.  It doesn’t matter

how far she pushes that

tiny frame of hers, it will never be

enough.  Chica pounds her joints

with rubber compounds made

to make half ton pickups keep rolling,

every single day without complaint.  Acting

as if she’s a man, she’s learned the male

definition of things.  It surprises her

how the deconstruction of roles makes language

behave differently.  The elderly man

at the shop, who just learned how to speak

English a few short years ago, is the only man

she truly trusts, and she doesn’t even

know what he’s saying

most of the time.  That’s why she keeps

the Spanish to English dictionary

in her pocket. She calls him

Papi.  He calls her

sweetie and tells her she’s preciosa.


1 Comment

  1. Such an interesting transition from classroom with inner city kids, the bar, and now the shop…a poetic evolution before our eyes…be well my friend.

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