La Mujer

Tell me what your swollen eyes have

to say.  In them you can see


areas of delirium, passion, areas

 of death.  What worlds collide in


the harmony of song?  They see you:

 a body of a shadow dancer, a burglar

in their brains.  You are the chiseled

form of a woman who works

tirelessly as a man in the biggest

race of rats.  Some of the men

surrounding you tend not to understand

friendship.  Tell me before it rains

again, and no sunset could

shimmer in your burning eyes.



  1. I get all of this girl. Its the opposite for me. Instead they want the skin off my back because I’m a man. The lean on me factor to make it easier for them. Except for one. She treats me as a human being. The other day I complimented her for doing so well on an all get out bust it to the nut kind of day. That actually lit her eyes up. In the work world its just expected. If you make a mistake that gets more attention.

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