This Was Not a Candle Light Vigil

There were people from all over the world
there to protest at the Summit. I was

attending a lecture given by Vandana Shiva
about the crisis of water

in the 21st century. What she was saying was important,
and I was so thankful to hear what she was saying. Drums

were heard in the corridor outside the lecture hall. They kept
getting louder. All of the double doors of the room burst open

at the same time. People streamed in all the aisles. They all had red
shirts on holding candles and making gun shapes

with their hands. They were singing freedom songs
of Anti-Apartheid. My skin is white. I was young and naïve. At first,

I thought they knew I was
on the side of thoughtful and compassionate, but they didn’t notice

me at all. Everything is collateral damage to the cause. A riot
broke out. Outside the building, the South African

police were sounding. I stood still for only a second, noticing
the pregnant woman to my side. Then I ran faster than I ever have

in my life, got to watch the news about it later. The Indian woman
who was pregnant was recorded on video footage lifeless on a stretcher.



  1. An emotionally scarring event.

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