Anathana Ellioti, the Indian Tree Shrew

In a genus all his own, very little is known
about this mammal. He has been identified

though. Proof of identity is based on the body
shape and absence of lines. Only short notes

on sighting records are known about this
creature, none but one have studied it.

Information on activity patterns for this species
is scanty, with only one reasonably exhaustive study,

and even that is fraught with postulations. All
sightings were on the ground for only brief

moments. Apart from recognizing him
for what he is, additional observations

cannot be made. He hides. Quickly, he scuttles

to the ground to vanish in the thick
undergrowth of flora. Fauna fawning in the shadows,

so surveys never even made any mention of him,
until just a few short years ago. A new class of failing

creation. Any sightings have been purely
opportunistic. This shrew does not want to be

found. He was once seen lingering by a tree
for about a second or so, basking in the early-morning

winter sun, before following suit of shadows
evaporating in the melatonin rich

rays. Albeit, the animal was seen actively moving
about between trees, no one has observed him

climbing any of them. Scurrying, he never stays

still at any visible location, foraging under leaf
litter, peeling the bark off dead trees with his forelimbs.

His sleeping

patterns are unknown, but one can postulate that
this is a hibernating mammal. It’s just a guess,

because he sleeps where there are no witnesses.


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