Feel Poisoned

The smell of diesel blankets the air

full of carbon monoxide, Mobil             death


traps bring us toxic water in a bottle

that looks clear and clean                    making us too eager


to bag it.  Cesium drip,


drip, drips slowly so not to                 stir our senses

in the direction of the malformed


murder of all kind. Our

oceans are becoming


radioactive run off sweeping

the shorelines full of fish.  Stunts


present themselves as fine

art, then make a dumb


spectacle of all of its                           witless

witnesses.  It doesn’t matter,


the Olympics


are on. We produced for ourselves

the virtual reality of living. Tar and chips


have replaced the soil for roots

to grow.  There’s no life that exists


in tar.  Beggars we’ve become

begging bigger, better, more, more, more.


Feel the synapses as collapse is the culture

around.  Stare blankly at that screen.


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