Make Me Danaid, Augusta


I don’t want to be

a part of a finely tuned machine


where each part, cog, spring, and sprocket

has a purpose that it better not


deviate from or the whole thing


becomes obsolete.  The smooth cool

of sculpted marble is how I’d


rather flow.  No rough edges or points

of failure.  White silken lines of details


so intricate that it could only be

marble or flesh.  Perfection


in stone that can weather

the years, instead of breaking after


so many miles of minutes.



  1. Nice contrast. In our culture it seems as though we are just you as mention with the sprocket. Often times we are run ragged to stay afloat. We have to have rough edges. A tough interior. I like the concept of the sculpted piece where it is has great detail in it. A sign of a greater experience. Yes…. A little social I’d say. Love your work.

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