Dawn that Never Breaks

It’s in the breath of surprise over the accidental

lover who became missed from knowing his gentle

touch of lips.  Her small hand fits so tenderly


in yours.  The earth is ecstatic

practicing the harmony of haunted

cliff callings to a happenstance


listener.  They speak of the yearning body as the ones

at Duino did.  Instructing you to fall so entirely


that the simple act of falling creates

~~~~~~wings of falling ash.  A falling

`~kiss.  A truer than this.


Either grow or remain untrue. Supplant

shallow things with the swallow’s hungry desire


for sincere union with horizon: a gift of supplication.  Truth be


told as a birdsong of longing: a poem feeds the flesh

in place of the need for touch.  How disdainful


every line seems, though no less genuine,

affectionate.  For what you need,


all you need do is reach.  Exert


the heart so fearful

~~~~~~~~~of shrivel. Everything

~manifests the instant

it is needed.  Let the moment fill each breath


with controlled ease. The end simply signifies

~beginning yet another poem.



  1. one thing i’m pulling out of this is that there is that disconnection in regards to things in life persay. it’s each poem that puts all of into perspective as I see it. It can go in other directions as well.

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