Benvenuta, Conquer Your Mind

Confusion has its own mesmeric

beauty.  There is a multiplicity of

shapes each person

must posture.  At 36, her

vision is quite poor.  It has been

years—it seems—that she’s needed

bifocals before her pocketbook allows

it.  What does it look like?  Or is it the one

that she’s with never notices

how very strong she is for how wounded,

blind, and broken her strangely

beating heart is.  It’s so askew from

the imagined that you are the inescapable

context.  A scribble of words shoved in a dirty

bag to be unpuzzled later.  Should you listen

for the broken bird’s longing song, could be a swan

song, one never knows. She too is

a caged bird singing softly to herself.


1 Comment

  1. really love that last line. of course it can have a mulitiple array of directions, but to me it can mean being stuck in the stream of culture.

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