Portrait of a Glorious Day


The joy of your company

escapes me, so I have fond


memories.  Here’s a sketch


of the evenings events.  Nerves

fill the room upon seeing


the other.  You grin.  I cover my


mouth with widened eyes.  Gravity takes over

making the room so close as the bumping


of knees.  We share a book of stories

on a super sofa of curiosity


that later we will both recreate


in our own minds, behind our own closed,

locked door.  But now our fingers meet


both holding the spine and all of those fine

sheets caressing your thumb


to mine.  A quick held breath of my

shooting eyes, and you say fuckit.  Winds


then take over the night, fast and slow moaning

gusts.  The tip of the tongue finds of the skin


a map of nerve bundles, and all is good

~with God, making us both forget ourselves…


1 Comment

  1. Very strong lady. The last 5 lines give it its edge for lack of a better word at the moment.

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