Semper Fi Means Nothing to the Abandoned


So you say nothing.  She sees

you as a person, but not ever her


father.  What you must have faced

in that Hell they called a conflict—she knows it


was worse than any war and how so many

innocents died for nothing at all.  She knows you


know it too.  The terror you must have felt

when having to convince yourself that death


is not murder when it’s in the name of War, yet it is

called a Conflict.  And the horrors that go on


behind the closed door of liquor’s rule

of order.  She is conflicted


because she can feel for a man she does not

know and the tears he must have shed when holding


the blasted bits of his buddy’s body, but he also is

the man who left his innocent daughter to cry


for the daddy she never believed loves for he has gone

to leave her small unknowing frame facing the atrocities


of the world.  Never protecting her from

the scary things that blow up


in the night, she had to face

them alone.  And still you say nothing.


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